Sea of Thieves drops new teaser gallery for A Pirate’s Life

And yes, Captain Jack Sparrow is in there


Perhaps the most surprising announcement to come out of E3 2021 for MMO and multiplayer gamers was the news that Sea of Thieves is collaborating with Disney on a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed narrative update for the game called A Pirate’s Life. Moving beyond the E3 preview, Rare has now posted a stack of new screenshots, including one of Captain Jack Sparrow himself, happily ensconced in the Sea of Thieves world. I mean, why not.

“Today, we’re thrilled to premiere a fresh selection of images from Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life,” Rare says. “They offer a closer look at Jack Sparrow, some of the memorable places that players will travel to in his company and just a few of the traps and threats that lie in wait.” Apparently, we’ll be getting a new trailer tomorrow too, courtesy of a 2 p.m. EDT broadcast during the Xbox Games Showcase: Extended event.

The update is launching June 22nd, and it’s a freebie for existing Xbox, PC, and Game Pass players.

Source: Xbox One
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