Book of Travels features Breath of the Wild-inspired cooking, food, and even moonshine


We’re barreling on toward Book of Travels’ “chapter zero” early access launch on August 9th, but in the meantime… who’s hungry? Yes, the latest dev blog out from Might and Magic for Travellers is all about the food in the game and how you get it.

“When it comes to food, our design is comfortably conventional, with nutrition and nourishment coming by way of breads and vegetables,” the studio says, pointing specifically to Zelda, Breath of the Wild as its inspiration. “And when it comes to variety and distribution, Travellers will find much that is familiar… a socio-economic pattern has been applied, with pastoral regions such as Crossroads consuming much grain and bread and coastal areas like Myr enjoying abundant fish suppers (even game designers should pay attention in Geography class).”

The devs explain that while you’ll be able to buy all kinds of imported food in the bigger towns and markets, there’s less available in the hinterlands, meaning you might be foraging or merely drinking yourself to sleep… although wine is banned in some places, so you might be drinking under the table quite literally. And yes, food matters in the game, and you can cook it too, though it sounds as if it’ll still be under construction while chapter zero is rolling along.

“But have no doubt that there will be plenty of cute, quirky, vile and strange foods to choose from to furnish your character with, and veggie and vegan lifestyles will of course be catered for.”

Source: Kickstarter
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