Elder Scrolls Online’s endeavors reward system finally goes live


After holding it back from the launch of Blackwood, ZeniMax has finally rolled out the new and highly anticipated endeavors system for Elder Scrolls Online. This is basically a reward track that pays out in currency used to purchase lockbox items without having to buy the lockbox itself.

“Endeavors are straightforward daily and weekly tasks that can reward basic items (such as gold or experience) in addition to the new Seals of Endeavor currency,” ZeniMax explained. “This new currency will then allow you to acquire any of the collectibles or items from currently available Crown Crates in the Seals section of the in-game Crown Store. For the first time, you can now earn those rare and exquisite items only found in Crown Crates via in-game activity.”

Some of the examples of tasks given were killing two world bosses or looting a single thieves trove. The endeavors system coincides with the release of the Iron Atronach lockboxes, which have chase mounts, pets, and cosmetics.

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