EverQuest adds The Burning Lands expansion to its free-to-play offerings


Here’s some really great news for EverQuest’s free-to-play community: Daybreak has added a whole additional expansion to the roster of what you can experience. The studio announced that it was folding in The Burning Lands, the game’s 25th expansion, in with all of the other free packs for its F2P model.

The Burning Lands came out in December 2019 and added the luck stat, six more zones, and plenty of raids, quests, AAs, collections, and abilities. The pack focused on a war between the djinn of the Plane of Air and the efreeti of the Plane of Fire.

In addition to this, Daybreak also increased the caps on the Dragon’s Hoard bank for everyone, bumping it up to 40 for free players and 100 to 125 for subscribers. More bank slots can be purchased in the store with an upper limit of 250.

Source: EverQuest
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