Star Trek Online showcases two new ships in a livestream and sees its latest PC patch eat up character slots (again)


Star Trek Online held another Ten Forward Weekly livestream yesterday that had a couple of announcements to share with players. First, the stream confirmed that next week’s Recruitment Re-run will be Gamma Recruitment, though it will come with some new updates and “soft touches” for recruitment goals.

The rest of the stream showcased two new incoming ships. The first is the T6 Malachowski-class, a so-called “multi-mission cruiser” vessel that’s effectively a cruiser variant of the multi-mission Science vessel type of the same name that can use Malachowski parts or Miranda part variants. The second is a T6 Oberth-class vessel (lovingly referred to in-stream as “the Science Kayak”), described as a shield-focused light Science vessel with five consoles and access to a “huge” number of Science abilities. We’ve got the full stream embedded below so fans can take a look at these new internet spaceships.

In other STO news, the game’s most recent patch for PC appears to have nommed unused character slots, which readers will recall is a bug that has happened before. This time the devs were able to quickly put out a fix for this new problem that appears to have been successful according to the original Redditor’s post.

sources: twitch, Reddit, Twitter, thanks to Tanek for the tip!
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