Swords of Legends Online previews crafting mechanics and elaborates on Rampage PvP flagging


There will undoubtedly be monsters to fight and quests to complete in Swords of Legends Online, but sometimes you need to cool your jets, craft some items, yank some fish out of the water, and craft some tasty meals. Mercifully, there will be plenty of that sort of thing happening as elaborated on by a recent dev post that’s all about the pastoral SOLO life.

Crafting appears to be a pretty straightforward affair, with players learning recipes and heading to a crafting workbench to cobble together items. Gathering is similarly unremarkable as well, though players will be given their own separate inventory bag known as a Qiankun Bag that stores materials. Furthermore, any impurities can be sold for a little bit of extra silver, and materials trading isn’t available until the Qiankun Bag reaches level 3.

As for fishing, it’s a simple matter of right-clicking a fishing pole to go into fishing mode and casting a line for some fresh fish. Fishing can be done any time, though extra rewards and a higher chance of landing a catch can happen between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday. Finally, cooking in the game will be available, with players being tasked to find recipes from certain biographies or instance rewards to supplement their initial recipe, gather the ingredients, and create buff-granting dishes.

In other SOLO news, MOP reader Winterskorn tweeted a question about how flagging in the Rampage PvP mode works prompted an official response: Entering Rampage Mode will require players to activate a skill as well as be at max level, but once they have engaged the appropriate skill, they can attack other max level players whether they’re in Rampage Mode or not. That said, those who attack unflagged players will be subject to an undisclosed punishment of some kind if they’re killed.

sources: official site, Twitter, cheers Winterskorn!
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