SMITE has added Morgan Le Fay to the roster and unveils a Stranger Things crossover for its July Battle Pass


It’s one half Arthurian legend and one half the Upside Down in SMITE as the MOBA has made a couple of distinct reveals recently. First on deck is the Dark Enchantress update, which introduced the Arthurian villainess Morgan Le Fay this past Tuesday. Le Fay is a potent mage character that brings plenty of dark magic to the party, including one that calls on a dragon to attack foes. Arthurians, am I right?

In addition, the latest update has brought back the classic Joust map for normal and ranked Joust and Duel matches, a return of the Greco-Roman art style to the arena map, and the usual load of different character skins, item updates, and balance adjustments. The patch notes offer all of the details, or there’s a summary video after the break if you’d rather look than read (and want to hear Tyr act like a preschool TV show character while wearing a fluffy T-Rex outfit).

As for the month of July, SMITE has announced that the Battle Pass for the month will have a Stranger Things theme to it, offering skins that transform Apollo into Hopper, Scylla into Eleven, Sylvanus into a Mind Flayer, and Bakasura into the Demogorgon. A preview of this latest transmedia-filled Battle Pass will be in a mid-season stream this coming Wednesday, June 23rd, but for the time being there’s a quick look at these skins in another video below.

sources: official site, YouTube (1, 2), Twitter
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