The Pokemon Unite MOBA launches on Switch in July and mobile in September


Even though the best tortoise tank won’t be there at launch, Pokemon Unite will be releasing sometime in July 2021 on the Switch as a “free to start” game, followed by a mobile release sometime in September 2021. Don’t worry if your friends have a Switch and you don’t, as this will be a crossplay MOBA/battle-basketball game, with data shared/carried over using either your Nintendo Account of Pokemon Trainer’s Club account. For those who have a Japanese account on your Switch, reports that you can participate in the game’s stress test June 24-26.

Monetization so far seems to focus on Battle Passes and Aeos Gems, the latter of which is a purchasable currency used for Held Items (think armor), skins, and upgrading Battle Passes, at the least. Earned game currency (coins and tickets) can also apparently be used for powerups, but we won’t know quite what that means until release. If you’re on the fence still and hungry for more info, you can check out the official website to see how your favorite pokemon are being converted (spoiler: Types don’t matter; Raichu’s getting ignored again), or check out last year’s clip of the game in action after the break.

Hungry for more? There are some beta clips on YouTube you can check out as well, plus RankedBoost has some guides to help tide you over if you too missed beta. The game is looking more like Heroes of the Storm than League of Legends thus far!

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