Ship of Heroes calls one and all to its July beta event, postpones launch to 2022

Go boom.

Ship of Heroes isn’t going to launch this year, fam, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play it. In fact, the studio would like you to start getting read for a July summer beta event that will be free and open to everyone. This will be the first time that testers will experience a full mission arc from beginning to end as well as traps.

“This event is focused on missions in a connected story arc, plus a couple of separate, hard-content missions,” the dev team sent out. “Players will have a chance to interact with the mages of Apotheosis City, both as allies and as enemies. Players will also have access to the Snow Lair, a special mission map created for holiday content. Players asked to be able to test out the features of this map, including changing weather conditions and tracks in the snow.”

Currently, the studio is proclaiming an “early 2022” launch for Ship of Heroes, a shift from the 2021 plans it previously held. You’ll know it’s going to get real when it delivers on the promise of a new website and pre-orders.

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