Ascendants Rising is a co-op action RPG that pits players against randomized bosses in arena combat


“Do you like MMORPGs? Are you tired of the tedious grind, the group hunting, and the long treks before you are allowed to have fun? Or maybe you just don’t have time for this anymore? Then, do we have the game for you!” This is the opening salvo from Ascendants Rising, an early access co-op action RPG where players enter arena combat against boss monsters known as Incarnates.

According to the game’s Steam page, not every Incarnate encounter will be the same, as each fight will feature randomized boss mechanics, environments, encounters, and enemies. The game also features unique class customization that lets players heal their team while attacking foes with a sword or backstab enemies with a gun (somehow). This holds hands with a level-free system that puts emphasis on personal skill, team ability, and build choice, while character advancement is tied to powerful weapons called Artefacts that can be infused and leveled up with an array of gems. Ascendants offers three modes — Coliseum, Dungeons, and Raids — with locations spanning a multiverse of themes from sci-fi to Lovecraftian horror to urban or medieval fantasy.

Ascendants is currently in a closed beta state, which has made a couple of updates including the addition of Coliseum mode, new bosses, and a new Artefact. As for full release, developer/publisher Limitless Games is eyeballing a launch sometime in late 2021 or early 2022, depending on player feedback.

source: Steam

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Dean Dean

I’m all for removing the grind, but if you do it at the expense of self-direction and exploration, you’re leaving your players with a highly repetitive game.

And it’s not level free. Instead of character levels you have gear levels. Who even cares if you level up anyway? If every boss requires the same skill level to beat, then killing a level 1 boss will feel the same as killing a max-level boss… You need difficulty levels for a number of reasons.

I can’t see this game succeeding.


Neat concept. It’s basically the endgame portion of MMOs as a standalone game. I’ve been saying this for years – give zoomers such a game so that devs can stop making games where leveling and questing is just an inconvenient afterthought on your automated 10 minute ride to endgame content.


Random fact – I believe this was first tried in the game Zeal, but for arena instead of raids. It advertised no leveling grind and apparently made with involvement from WoW gladiators/pros. Didn’t seem to go well, and looks to be in development hell on Steam’s early access.

Kickstarter Donor

I’m super down with this concept. Depending on its price when EA kicks off and what some of the early feedback/reception is I’m totally interested. Seems like a good way to get my, “I just need some action.” fix when I’m not looking for the full MMO experience.


Yeah the weird thing is the class system, or lack of one. There seems to be roles (Healer, Striker, Protector), but no classes. Uses 4-player groups, but intends for release to have an 8-player mode. Looks to intend to have combat like a GW2 & Wildstar combined. That’s a pretty cool concept, but will almost certainly be janky and shallow in the early access. Execution would need to be impeccable and polished to bring this idea to life.


How to make an MMO … without the annoying MMO part.

Hell, it may be fun as hell, but I’m baffled how these developers expect to garner market shares with such unoriginal games.


Doesn’t seem to different than Dauntless or loosely similar to Monster Hunter. People like fighting big bads and receiving incremental upgrades. Hopefully they can execute on their game because I’m intrigued.