RuneScape releases the next quest in its year-long Elder God Wars storyline on PC and mobile


Today sees RuneScape take yet another step in the year-long Elder God Wars questline. The City of Senntisten quest has officially launched, arriving to both PC and mobile players of the MMORPG, and bringing with it the promise of a wealth of challenges and rewards.

“The Elder God Wars is a year-long epic saga that follows Ariane’s devastating vision that “war is coming” to RuneScape’s living world of Gielinor, and the City of Senntisten is the final quest ahead of that foreseen war beginning. Senntisten itself is a lost city, originally home to Zaros, now buried deep beneath the Archaeology guild [that] gives players an entire new location to explore.”

Players will want to have their Archaeology skill up to snuff in order to begin plumbing the depths of Senntisten, as well as watch out for a variety of dangers lurking within, all in an effort to transform the location into a fortress for the prophesied war. The game’s weekly newsletter offers more details on what skill levels are needed to get started.

On top of the new quest, the latest update has introduced the epilogue for the Battle of the Monolith as well as a few smaller updates and fixes. Overall, though, it’s all about that underground city delve.

sources: press release, official site
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