Guild Wars 2 kicks off Dragon Bash today

Meanwhile, the Dragon Bash festival has returned to Guild Wars 2 as of this afternoon, sending players to Hoelbrak for racing, drinking, moas, drinking, arena PvP, drinking, and the stampede. And drinking. The game is running a login sweepstakes as well that could see you win a sweet monitor or headset just for playing.

“Dragon Bash activities and achievements award Dragon Coffers. These contain a variety of festive goods, including zhaitaffy. Trade zhaitaffy to Dragon Bash merchants for prizes and treats, or exchange 1,000 pieces for a jorbreaker. Jorbreakers are used to purchase valuable rewards like holographic weapon and armor skins, miniatures, and more.”

Check out the patch notes for the full rundown!

Source: Official site, patch notes. An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Out of the Shadows and Rising Flames were flagged freebie today. Nope! Expect that next week:


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