New World’s latest alpha update reduces PvP penalties, adjusts experience requirements again


Amazon’s New World apparently has a couple more patches in store for alpha players after all. Today’s update behind closed doors has several changes small and large, including new PvE faction missions, tweaks to guild war declarations, reductions in penalties for PvP death, new and more diverse gear, revamped titles, improved intro cinematic, harder expeditions, and yet another pass on progression in the form of experience gain.

“Reduced the XP required to level by 20% for all levels after level 7. The increase in the previous update combined with the changes to Corrupted Breaches reduced the speed of leveling too much. This change should bring a nice middle ground between what we felt was too fast in May and the overly tuned changes introduced in the June Part 1 update. Doubled the amount of XP from repeatable Expedition quests.”

“The June updates have been exciting for us as we work to polish, tune, and watch the finishing details finally start to come together in game,” the studio says. “We’re hard at work preparing for the July 20 Closed Beta, followed by our August 31 launch! We’ll keep working with and playing alongside our Alpha community to help inform our tuning and changes as we continue development.”

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