Wizard101 announces a ‘guild-lite’ system and group perks


“Providing opportunities for socialization” is the watch-phrase going around Wizard101 these days. Game Director Leah Ruben charted a manifesto this week about how KingsIsle is walking a fine line of encouraging socialization without requiring it, saying that it’s fun and gratifying to share experiences.

The letter isn’t just feel-good concepts, as Ruben outlined several initiatives that the studio is working on to facilitate group fun. One of these is adventure parties, a “guild-lite” system that should tide players over until KingsIsle creates proper guilds (and, yes, those are coming too).

Ruben said that the team is also beefing up current systems, give perks to full groups, and allow players to join combat during the planning phase.

“For now we’re focused on working from micro to macro, and from improvement to invention. Our hope is that when we get to the big, new stuff, these features feel like an extension of the solid social structure we’ll have nurtured into the game over the previous updates,” she said.

Source: Wizard101

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