Amazon Games responds to complaints that Lost Ark character redesigns are ‘censorship’


Lost Ark has yet to release here in the west and it’s already got its first stupid controversy. When Amazon Games first announced that it was going to publish the MMOARPG, the company noted that they would be making some adjustments to characters and character creation in an effort to make more players “feel at home,” with more diverse skin types in character creation and in the game’s NPCs.

Some of those changes have since gone under some scrutiny when a Redditor shared comparison images that showed off a few of these visual differences, causing several players to claim the changes are tantamount to censorship. The original post has since been deleted but is still preserved on Removeddit, while a more recent (and still live) post offers some of these comparisons.

Similar censorship claims were also raised on the game’s Steam forums, specifically regarding female outfits, which drew forth a response from one of the CMs, who explained that the images showcasing more modest outfits are “marketing materials” and promised that Lost Ark will still have plenty of scantily clad ladies in-game. “We aren’t creating new outfits,” he writes, “we are just not leading with the sexier ones.”

sources: Reddit (1, 2) and Steam via Gamerant
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