Dungeons and Dragons Online brings Saltmarsh dungeons, endgame item changes, and more to PTS


The PTS of Dungeons and Dragons Online is once again flush with new things for players to check out as this past Tuesday saw a preview of Update 50 go online. The headline attraction of this new update is the Saltmarsh adventure area, which is modeled after the AD&D module of the same name and is planned as a “mini-expansion” release later this summer; players can expect roughly nine dungeons and a new wilderness area when it officially launches, but only five dungeons are available in the preview.

Of course, there’s more to try out in the U50 test build. Players can also test out a new Horizon Walker Universal Enhancement tree that focuses on single-target bow damage, dexterity, and damage avoidance; a variety of endgame itemization adjustments meant to fight against power creep; new named loot; new augments; a revamp for scrolls, seals, and shards loot; and various bug fixes and adjustments.

The U50 preview will be live between now and Thursday, June 24th, so those who are interested in playtesting and providing feedback are going to want to hop in soon.

source: official forums, thanks to DDO Central for the tip!

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Jason Clearwater

Really looking forward to the Secrets of Saltmarsh quests. The ‘U’ series was one of my favorite series of AD&D modules back in the day.