Here’s over an hour of footage from mobile MMO Re: Tree of Savior’s Japanese beta


There’s been quite some time since Tree of Savior made its way into the news, but we’re bringing this title back into the spotlight due to the game’s upcoming mobile port, the weirdly titled Re: Tree of Savior.

We first got wind of this MMO back in October 2016 and further saw publisher Nexon hedge its bets on the game with an investment into developer IMC Games that following year, but things have been mainly quiet up until a month ago, when the devs announced there would be a Japanese beta test on June 4th. As for the game itself, it reportedly isn’t too dissimilar to its PC cousin except for the addition of Fellows — additional party members that are gained via a gacha system.

So, how does Re: Tree of Savior play right now? According to some first impressions out of MMO Culture, underwhelming:

“There were mobile games which let players experience some high level content or PVP at the start, giving players motivation to grind and progress. By the first hour, I was expecting to be introduced to 3-4 features to be ‘wowed,’but that did not happen. Will players see otherwise when Nexon launches the global server?”

You can check out over an hour’s worth of Japanese beta gameplay footage in the embedded video below and judge for yourself.

source: MMO Culture (1, 2)

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Castagere Shaikura

Tried to get into the PC version but it’s just too laggy.

Bruno Brito

This sounds like a game that will make people foam from their mouths but honestly? Eh.

ToS already had several design choices that fit mobile games. This version just feels like it’s basically officializing something that the game already felt like it was.