Old School RuneScape outlines future patch updates and releases its first wave of Steam client updates


Last week, Old School RuneScape kicked out an update that was headlined with its 150th quest, and since then the devs at Jagex have been making a wide variety of adjustments to the update based on player feedback. This past Tuesday saw another list of planned changes to things like the Ash Sanctifier, Demonbane spells, bone drops from certain demons, the Dark Lure, and to the Kingdom Divided questline itself.

In other OSRS news, the first round of Steam game client improvements have officially come online, specifically adding an opponent information HUD, a buff bar, a visual indicator for fishing spots, and an integrated Chambers of Xeric raid helper UI among other things. This update has also seen a small list of planned fixes for certain UI elements next week.

source: official site (1, 2)

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