Star Trek Online’s Risa vacaycay pays out in a T6 ship and a tsunami gun

And there are new t-shirts, too!


Forget voyaging to strange new worlds and investigating that pesky anomaly in the next sector — you’re going to want to engage at maximum warp all the way over to Star Trek Online’s Risa next month for the Lohlunat Festival.

This annual summer holiday is scheduled to run the entire month of July. You’re going to need all that time, too, because there are a ton of prizes that you can snag before it’s done. The big shiny is, of course, a free Tier 6 ship — in this case, a Risian Luxury Cruiser.

But that’s not all! Players can go shopping with event currency to buy baseball uniforms (Star Trek has a weird baseball fetish, just go with it), cute t-shirts, a transcendent Caracal vanity pet, and a weapon that effectively lets you shoot a tsunami in the safe confines of a spaceborn vessel. Sure. Why not.


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Dani Reasor
Dani Reasor

For any who haven’t been to the official link yet, the caracal pet and tribble are transgender flag-themed and adorable.

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Richard de Leon III

I do like the new ship, it makes more sense than the old luxury cruiser at least as far as using it as a combat ship. I’m hoping the stats arent too bad for an anniversary ship.

Bryan Correll

Star Trek has a weird baseball fetish, just go with it

If they went for a theme that really matched Risa it would have to be rated adults only.