The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off the Midyear Mayhem Festival for PvP fun times

That 'the' is very important.

Why should you get in your fighting on a Saturday night and no other time? No, The Elder Scrolls Online wants you to get in your fighting all the time. Saturday night, Saturday morning, every other day of the week. See, it’s the Midyear Mayhem Festival starting on June 24th, and that means it’s time for players to get in and start fighting other players with gusto as much as possible. Why would you do that? Well, because you can earn doubled experience and Alliance points just by fighting your vicious little heart out.

Is that still not enough? Well, then, you can also earn unique rewards like style pages for armor and the brand-new Alliance banner-bearer staff and shield pages to really show your pride in your particular alliance. And that’s just the new stuff; there are older rewards you can unlock during the Midyear Mayhem Festival, too. You’ll just need to get in a fair amount of PvP, as the festival ends on July 6th. So get in there and start beating up your friends! It’ll produce delicious reward candy.


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6 months ago

Yeah, the PvP was so much fun it made me stop logging in again after I ventured into the Imperial City section and learned about how stupid the system there is for every death causing you to lose like half your stones. ‘Don’t die, git gud’ Yeah, everyone dies a little bit, that’s the point in the zone. Making it not fun and a complete waste of your time? That makes you not even want to login…

6 months ago

Do you mean the Midyear Mayhem event?