EVE Online tests out some new color filters, EVE Echoes introduces exploration


Both EVE Online and EVE Echoes are seeing some new things introduced to their respective games. In EVE Online, there’s a new test build on Singularity that seeks to bring a little more vibrancy to the game’s visuals by way of shader adjustments and lighting changes in order to “remove the grey” from the game’s visuals. The announcement post features a few before and after photos to showcase these changes, but those who have strong opinions on their space sandbox’s colors will want to hop into Singularity and submit their feedback.

In other EVE Online news, May’s economic report is now available to read, so the economist and industrialist Capsuleer can keep their fingers on the pulse of their respective businesses.

As for EVE Echoes, the most recent update introduced some CONCORD Pass mission refreshes and a bug related to certain ship nanocores, but the largest update was made at the beginning of June when its Exploration update went live after a COVID-related delay. Much like the PC game, this new update adds nihilus space, the neutrino resonance wave tech to find structures and other Capsuleers, and some new industry jobs.

sources: EVE Online website (1, 2), EVE Echoes website

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