Dual Universe is officially part of the GeForce NOW games library (but you still need to pay a sub to play it)

AND it's in beta still


Raise your hand if you want to pay for a sub to access a games service and then pay a sub to access one of that service’s games. That’s partially what’s being offered by Dual Universe as the game has officially announced that it’s joining the GeForce NOW catalogue.

To be fair, the GeForce NOW service does offer a free service option that limits gaming sessions to one hour, and the service also allows those with lower-end machines to play games that they likely wouldn’t be able to (provided their internet speeds can handle it), which is the primary upsell of Novaquark’s announcement.

“Novaquark is pleased to announce its partnership with NVIDIA GeForce NOW to make Dual Universe as accessible as possible to our players. Dual Universe has been thoroughly tested to ensure the experience is optimal on GeForce NOW. You can now play DU at its best, in all its graphical magnificence”

That all said, in order to play DU on Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, you’ll still need to subscribe to the game, with the lowest cost plan asking for $21 for three months of sub time. If that isn’t a major wall between you and some beta version space sandbox MMO gaming, then now you can act on that impulse.

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