Magic Legends ramps up enemy encounters, improves performance, and fixes bugs in latest patch


Having all of those spell cards and no enemies to use them on makes Planeswalkers in Magic Legends very sad puppies indeed. Luckily, those frowns can turn upside-down with the ARPG’s latest patch, which promises an increase to encounters in story missions and ordeals throughout the game. Look at how gleefully those mages unleash explosive horror and monstrous harm on foes now. Wondrous.

The patch has also made a number of improvements to both navmeshes in the game and overall performance; introduced a new Tipping the Scales event; applied some fixes to certain area quests, stories, and ordeals; and applied a few tweaks to the Pyromancer, the Geomancer, and a couple of spells. For all intents and purposes it’s not a major league patch, but bug fixes giving mages more things to blow up can’t exactly be considered unwelcome.

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