NCsoft acknowledges pay-to-win uproar in Aion Classic, doesn’t believe candy is an exploit


Aion’s forums are absolutely raging about the Daeva pass and its candy problem afflicting Aion Classic, as we noted yesterday. NCsoft hasn’t directly addressed the outcry, but at least one member of the community team has been engaging with players and bringing feedback back to the dev team, which seemingly hasn’t made a decision about the situation.

“So, first off it seems there are a lot of rumors in this area circling around. What I’ve been able to verify is that last December, an exploit using Tough Pink Tiger Candy was discovered in Korea’s Classic. The exploit was so egregious that players who leveraged that exploit had their accounts permanently banned.¬†However, that really doesn’t seem related to what’s going on in the West. This isn’t any kind of manipulative exploit.

“Nevertheless, I’m making sure that feedback is passed up to the relevant teams. I did a lengthy write-up on this this morning, and included screenshots from the community reddit poll, and more. In the end, the team will need to weigh what’s best for the game. I really appreciate all the threads which have been calling for a measured response, because.. I’ll be honest, the extremely vitriolic reactions even impacts our emotional perspective internally. I can only imagine how it impacts more ‘casual’ players. So thanks for having reasoned discussions on this – I’ll keep sharing everything I can collect.”

Incidentally, NCsoft did tweet out that it’s OK to play on the Classic servers from outside of North America, as long as you’re not on the blocked list, which includes China, North Korea, Syria, and so forth, as well as several CIS countries. The company says it won’t ban anyone for using a VPN but suggests that doing so is “at your own risk.”

Finally, NCsoft is offering to compensate players for the gender-change ticket mess earlier this week.

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