Secret World Legends begins official fourth anniversary event, intends to honor HolloPoint in-game


When we first reported on the community’s intention to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Secret World Legends themselves without active support by Funcom, we were bummed that it was a sad commentary on the game’s overall state. Fortunately, Funcom is having an official anniversary on top of the player-run MEGAversary 4.

The reveal post does lead off with a nod in the direction of the player event while also paying respects to community leader HolloPoint. The post further notes that the devs are currently “exploring [their] options on how [they] can honor his legacy as a part of the Secret World itself.” More details on how that in-game tribute will work will be released when they’re available.

In the meantime, the official fourth anniversary brings back a number of familiar events such as daily login bonuses, item discounts, the anniversary cache, and returning event content like the BEEhemoth, the Shards of Corruption, and the Talos of Gaia. It’s all happening between now and Thursday, July 15th.


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Hikari Kenzaki

As I pointed out in the last ‘sad commentary’ our event was never in lieu of an official Funcom event. I don’t know how or why you ever got that impression. Or why you keep pushing it.

There has always been the intent for an official event and the MEGAversary was planned to coincide with that event.

I also take issue with the ‘no active support’ because they do support us and provide several prizes. I realize being negative about Funcom plays well to everyone that got burned by TSW, but it would be nice to be a little positive while we try to honor a lost friend.

Bruno Brito

I realize being negative about Funcom plays well to everyone that got burned by TSW

Don’t do this. You have the entire right to be grieving and want positivity from your community and we all want HolloPoint to be honored with the highest standard possible, but as someone who is also grieving with loss: Funcom dropped the ball HARD with the SW franchise and people have the right to remember that and demand better. Don’t make it sound like every criticism at FC is just to get kudos from the people who hate it.

Now, should it be worded better? Absolutely. We’re all on the same side here. But everyone deserves more from FC than what they give. I do, you do, Hollopoint did. And demanding it is not unreasonable.

I’m sorry for your loss, and my condolences.


Kind of fucked up that Funcom didn’t release a statement acknowledging HolloPoint’s existence and contribution to the SWL community.

I just posted this on Funcom’s Facebook page.

Would it really put you out too much to throw some recognition to HolloPoint and their contribution towards keeping your community alive in Secret World Legends, not like the guy died recently or anything, not like he wasn’t instrumental in putting together more content for your game than you’ve done the past 2 years, not like we’re asking for Congo or anything? I mean seriously does anyone in your company have any grace or tact?

Jeremy Barnes

Have they considered honoring it by doing regular updates?

Douglas Lawson

People still play this game?

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Loyal Patron

From what i saw today … yes, many people.