Siege Survival Gloria Victis updates with The Lost Caravan scenario


Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, the survival spinoff off MMORPG Gloria Victis, was fully released only a month ago, but it’s already got a big update in store for players. While the press release calls it a content expansion and a DLC, The Lost Caravan is actually a free scenario for game owners.

“The new scenario tells the story of a caravan crew who were ambushed and now trapped in a caravanserai in the harsh southern desert. Players will face new challenges, meet new characters and it will be a test of their time and resource management skills in a new economy adapted for the new environment. The new setting adds additional dimensions to the game. The sun itself is now a threat, so looting is now done during the day when the enemies are less active due to the heat. But the players must avoid staying outside too long, otherwise they will be victims of the unbearable heat themselves. In addition, sandstorms hit every few days, which has a significant impact on gameplay; the choking dust increases the chances of getting sick and also reduces visibility.”

In addition to implementing “overheat” mechanic and sandstorms, developer Black Eye Games has promised a balance update with more events and “convenience improvements.”

Source: Press release, Steam

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