Vampire survivalbox V Rising highlights its gothic-horror atmospheric feel


Hey, remember V Rising? It’s Stunlock Studios’ upcoming multiplayer survival sandbox – yeah, the Battlerite folks. The vampire-themed title just got a new dev blog this week focused on the gothic-horror art direction and setting, which is quite different from the cartoony look of Battlerite.

V Rising is a dark and atmospheric vampire-themed game viewed from a top-down perspective. Compared to our previous titles, we put more effort into communicating a comprehensive range of emotions through art and sound,” the game’s art director explains. “We want you to forget the real world for a few moments and get immersed in our universe by using plenty of atmospheric layers, art, sound, and music that wander between melancholy, darkness, and beauty. The world of V Rising is a harsh place with a long history of war, and for our graphics, we chose to use realistic textures while the stylization is more playful.”

That said, when the art director actually has to describe the setting in three words, he chooses atmospheric, gothic, and beautiful, since the game has more than just blood and guts at its heart.

“V Rising is a dark and brutal game with a lot of blood and other, none too savory behaviors. I don’t know if we’re quite at the level of Diablo, but it’s bloody. These are vampires, after all. That said, much like Netflix’s Castlevania show, there is a lot of magic and beauty to the world. It’s not all grimdark.”

The game is set to hit PC beta on Steam “later this year.”

Source: Official site, press release

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Could be interesting if it doesn’t turn out to be just another fangkbox

Quinn Waters

I really hope that they learned their lesson from Battlerite. I REALLY liked that game and they chased the Battle Royale trend for Battlerite: BR. It killed the original game and the BR in the end. Hopefully they wont make the same mistake as I believe they are a really talented studio and can make this one worth playing.