Star Stable frolics in the Midsummer Festival and posts its summer road map


As summer soaks into the bones of human and equine alike, Star Stable has a full raft of events and updates to keep the long days full of joy and fun. The studio posted a colorful — if bare-bones — roadmap for the month ahead. Coming up for the game are some riding club updates, a new Maya quest, and an open house for Jorvik Stables.

Right now, Star Stable is enjoying the Midsummer Festival through July 7th. Not only can you earn a summer-themed set for your horsie, but you may also find true love: “If you pick seven different kinds of flowers on Midsummer Night’s Eve and sleep with them beneath your pillow, it’s said that you’ll dream about a special someone. Who will be the one in your dreams? Visit the special flower tent to try it out!”

Source: Twitter
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