Astroneer’s Jet-Powered update flies into the game with new aerial vehicles


Remember when I first wrote about the Jet-Powered update coming to Astroneer and how it was a big deal because hoverboards? Now that the update is fully live, I can say I stand fully corrected, as the update’s other highlight feature — the VTOL vehicle — is even better. And that’s all thanks to an outstanding update trailer.

Naturally, the two new vehicles in question are the big ticket additions (and the primary reason why this is the Jet-Powered update), but there are other updates of note like the introduction of new missions, a leveling block to adventure mode, the addition of a new rare EXO Chip resource that can be blasted out of EXO Caches that are scattered on planets, and the return of the Automated Mass Production Protocol.

Regardless, we all know it’s all about that swift new hoverboard and the impressive VTOL vehicle, which is demonstrated in the style of a certain vehicle-based action TV show’s opening sequence that can be viewed — nay, experienced — below.

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