Albion Online hints at a console launch and discusses future plans in an AMA


With Albion Online now hitting mobile, the devs at Sandbox Interactive felt now was as good a time as any to open themselves up to questsions in an AMA about any topic fans felt the need to talk about.

One of the more interesting answers was about a possible console launch, with the devs saying “it is quite likely that we’ll bring Albion to consoles, but we do not have any specific plans for this yet and it almost certainly would not happen within the next 12 months.” For the time being, the team is focused on adding new content.

On the subject of new content, there is promise of improvements to crafting and gathering, particularly an adjustment to the reroll system for crafters and node improvements and resource maps that lead to high-yield areas for gatherers. There’s also plans for new weapons and the promise of deeper PvE features. The next dev update vlog will talk about where game updates are going next.

The AMA was also a source for players to air their grievances, with one Redditor remarking about perceived favoritism for certain large guilds in its AlbionTV broadcasts, which drew this response from the devs:

“AlbionTV tries to not just rattle down game facts but also provide context and commentary on what’s happening in the world. In such an environment, it’s pretty much impossible to appear ‘unbiased’ to all of your viewers. What seems totally justified to some viewers might feel biased to others, and vice versa. That’s a problem that essentially all real world news channels have as well.

“What I can absolutely assure you of is that – as developers – there is zero reason for us to be unfair or biased to any group with in the game. Our sole goal is to make the game and its environment as good as we can, our bills to do not get paid by one player group in the game liking us more than another – that’s not why we have [built] Albion over the past nine years.”

source: Reddit, thanks to Protobear for the tip!

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Glad to hear they already have plans to flesh out the PvE more. I’ll dip my head back in once that’s in game.


I think this game would greatly benefit from some PVE. I love the Art style, Lore and I even love PVP. Apparently just not full loot PVP. Being chased through a zone with about 4 million worth of silver on your back not the greatest feeling.