Atlas adds the Mortarship for besieging islands with its latest patch

Ah. All right, then.

Besieging islands in Atlas is a pain, isn’t it? Don’t you wish you could just load up a boat with really nice ranged cannons that could really make mincemeat out of island defenses and go to town that way? The good news is that now you can with the game’s latest patch, which adds the Mortarship for specifically that purpose. The ship sports slow-firing big cannons that are perfect for dealing damage to land-based structure, although they’re a bit too slow to reliably use on nimble ships zipping around.

The bad news? Well, you’ll need an advanced shipyard to build them. “What’s an advanced shipyard,” you ask? Well, that’s also been added with the new patch, which now allows you to build the Mortarship, the Kraken, and the Ramming Galleon for use. Check out the full set of patch notes on the official site to get all of the details on the changes and fixes arriving with this newest update.

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