Destiny 2 outlines returning weapons and Iron Banner, butts heads with the datamining community


This past Friday has seen another newsletter from Destiny 2 hit the internet, and it’s primarily about things coming back. Most notably, a variety of weapons from the Moon and the Dreaming City are all making their return to the game with an update due to arrive on Tuesday, July 6th, with several of them bringing some new perks that can be rolled when they’re found. In the meantime, tomorrow begins yet another Iron Banner, which will run until July 6th, with at least one more Iron Banner planned for this season.

In other Destiny 2 news, one of the game’s community managers accidentally stirred up a little fire among players thanks to an emblem. In summary, images of a new emblem started floating around Twitter, and after community manager Dylan “dmg04” Gafner reached out to one such user about how he got the emblem, he later put out a tweet that warned against buying the emblem from codesellers due to the emblem being meant as a free gift for Bungie Day while beseeching dataminers to “please stop spoiling content whether it be story or emblem codes.” However, the emblem in question was never actually datamined to begin with.

This ticked off a small Twitter-based war of words between Bungie devs, some of the game’s more well-known dataminers, and players chiming in support for either side of the camp. The furor appears to have cooled off since, but for at least a few hours, the ramen was indeed quite spicy.

sources: Bungie website, Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) via Polygon

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