Neverwinter kicks off the Celebration of Llirra just in time for the Fourth of July


Neverwinter might just be the first MMO out of the gate this year with a fireworks-laden Fourth-of-July-inspired event, though of course Perfect World calls this one the Celebration of Lliira.

“It’s that time of the year again when adventurers gather in Protector’s Enclave to set off fireworks in honor of the Goddess of Joy,” PWE says. “We’re happy to announce that the Celebration of Lliira will be returning to Neverwinter! Get ready to light up the night sky with our variety of fireworks, which are sure to make a bang. Starting on July 1, players will honor Lliira, the goddess of joy, freedom and liberty by completing daily quests and setting off fireworks. Players will be rewarded with Tokens of Lliira’s Favor which can be exchanged for many items in the event store.”

This year’s event has been updated with the requisite daily quest for 30 favors; in past years, players were limited in when they could turn in their fireworks, but as of this year’s event, you’ll be able to turn them in willy-nilly, except when the actual fireworks show is going off. That just wouldn’t be safe.

Rewards include a starry cosmic pig mount that is so cute that I regret not being a Neverwinter player, plus a new emote, mask, fashion set, starry sphere mount, dye pack, and more goodies, including more fireworks for you pyros. Do note that the starry panther won’t be available this year but “will be made obtainable through other means in the future.”


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