Osiris New Dawn’s latest update adds a mining drill, new plants, a traveling space station, and monster species


It’s time to ignite the Fires of Industry in the survival sandbox of Osiris: New Dawn, which here means that the titular update is now available for players to fire up. Hence the otherwise random capitalization of “fires of industry.”

This latest update makes a wide variety of adjustments and additions. On the new side of things we have a deep terrain drill that can quickly dig up resources (and also causes seismic events that can agitate monsters), a species system that adds more variables in terms of strengths and weaknesses to monsters, new underground caves on the planets Aziel, Lutari and Zer, a new buggy vehicle, and some new plants to discover.

On the adjustments side, the planet Zer has seen a visual overhaul along with updates to monsters on the planet, minerals have new art, the space station can now travel from planet to planet, and player ships can also dock with the station, though the feature is described as “SUPER rough.” The new update has a whole mess of patch notes to lead through, which should keep you occupied as the update downloads.

source: Steam, thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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Our survival squad of 5 or so fired this guy up about 2 months ago. The last time I played it was at least a year or two before that… Somehow it had regressed and was in worse shape than my play through before. I wish Fenix fire all the luck!