Starbase details station sieges in a video, notes progress on large ship generators and station easy build mode


The sci-fi sandbox of Starbase is generally about building things, but there are points where others are going to want to destroy those built things. That’s where station sieges come into play, a future feature that was outlined in a recent video by the devs.

The ability to lay siege to space stations is dependent on capital ships being of a similar mass to nullify a station’s safe zone. Should a capital ship decide to initiate an attack, the defending station will have as much as 72 hours’ worth of warning time. The actual process of capturing a station requires attackers to hold outer blocks of a station’s structure for a set period of time, moving inwards from there to capture enough regions to claim the station. Defenders, meanwhile, can either destroy or capture the attacking capital ship in the same manner, and they can even quickly weld barricades in the middle of a fight if they wish.

Should a siege and capture become successful, there will be some time where the station’s safe zone will reboot and the station will repair itself. This is a point where scavengers can arrive to the battlefield and salvage any tasty debris that’s floating around, along with concentrated mineral clouds that will have higher material yield than normal. It is important to note, however, that all of these features are still very much in the design stage, and station sieges aren’t planned to actually be arriving to the game until after its late July early access launch.

In terms of more immediately available updates, Starbase’s latest weekly progress notes offer updates related to large ship generators, work on easy build mode for stations, storage server optimizations, the creation of Fast Travel Core Propellant, and a number of visual effect updates among other things.

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