Villagers and Heroes unleashes a hellacious raid for the summer months


Got your villagers? How about your heroes? Good, then let’s get to work, because the cross-platform MMO has brought back the Ardent Ledger — and Raid Season 3 — for the summer months. It won’t be the same-old, same-old, however; Villagers and Heroes is trotting out some new surprises for players who think that they’ve seen and beat everything this game has to offer.

“When those tower doors swing open again, prepare yourselves for a mind bending new raid locale, hot and blazing, at the end of which, lurks a ghastly demon of fire unlike any creature you’ve ever battled before,” Mad Otter Games said. “His name is Zell, and his fiery lair, Orla’s Veldt, demands caution and thought.”

The new raid will pay out in a variety of rewards, including a rare mount, character flair, relics, and a fun toy.

It’s certainly good to see this MMO stay active, especially in response to those who had recently been asking whatever happened to Villagers and Heroes!

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