VR MMO Zenith has delayed its alpha yet again, now to July 24


It’s another delay for the indie Zenith, the virtual reality MMO being developed by indie studio Ranmen VR. Zenith was scheduled to run its summer alpha starting July 10th but has since delayed it (again) to the end of the month in order to “add some important features.”

This is not the first delay for the game; readers will recall that the 2019 Kickstarter promised pre-alpha in January 2020 and closed alpha by August 2020, but the pre-alpha saw multiple delays that spring saw that launch moved from January to March, which then became June. By November 2020, the team had delayed the alpha itself to early 2021. After months of radio silence, the dev team piped back up in February, putting the alpha for April but recategorizing it as an “early bird alpha” and delaying the rest of the alpha. Then the early bird alpha was delayed to May, followed by another delay – to July 10th – for the bulk of the alpha, as of then being dubbed alpha 2. This weekend’s update puts the latest date at July 24th, in yet another delay. Needless to say, the game appears to be well behind schedule.

In response to one of the earlier alpha delays this year, the studio posted that “the team has been heads down rapidly improving the game, and we are now hitting a point where the core of the game is in place — Our main goal is to make sure that the alpha is as fun as possible for everyone, which means creating a cohesive experience.”

The good news is that when testers do embark into this VR world, one of the features they will experience is first-person gliding:

Source: Twitter
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