Co-op shooter Aliens Fireteam Elite announces an August 24 launch date, confirms lack of cross-platform play


Back in March, we finally got word that Cold Iron Studios’ long promised Alien franchise MMOFPS is actually happening (after going through all the buyouts from the likes of Daybreak and EG7 Global) in the form of Aliens: Fireteam, a co-op shooter that sees teams of players explore maps and take on waves of xenomorph threats.

Since then, there’s been a video preview and an interview, but news has otherwise been a bit quiet on the game. That silence has definitely broken now, as the game has since announced a launch date of August 24th. The shooter — now called Aliens: Fireteam Elite — can now be pre-ordered and will offer a bunch of goodies for doing so, and there’s also a fresh gameplay trailer to ogle.

That’s all of the good news: The bad news is that Cold Iron Studios’ CEO Craig Zinkievich has confirmed that there will be no cross-platform play at launch. While Zinkievich does confirm that there will not be cross-platform play, there will be cross-gen console play; in other words, PS4 and PS5 players will get to play with one another, and XBox One and Series X/S players will get to play with each other. Additionally, Zinkievich does state that cross-platform play won’t happen “at this time,” which does leave the door open to the feature possibly being added post-launch.

sources: Steam (1, 2), Gamespot via VG247

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Lack of cross platform = more money for them