Final Fantasy XI kicks off multiple reward campaigns for the middle of summer

The stuff that you have, does someone have a claim on it?

In Final Fantasy XI this summer, it’s time to get more for doing less. Well… sort of. Actually, when you look at all of the various summer campaigns running as of July 13th, it’s more like getting more for doing more or less the same amount. But it’s still getting more, and you do now have a free Adoulin dial to turn on the Goblin Mystery Box, so that’s definitely getting more for less effort.

Aside from that, though, it’s a lot of bigger rewards for the same activity. Automatic high-purity bayld and more loot from Wildskeeper Reives! More rewards from high-tier mission battle encounters! Job cards available from Macrocosmic Orbs! Additional items from Incursions! It’s a whole lot of little buffs for the stuff that players are no doubt doing anyhow, so take a look at the full rundown to see where you’ll want to take advantage of the campaigns before they fade away on July 31st.


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