Perfect World International’s Dawnlight update adds a new instance, new region, new weapon tier, and HD character visuals


Here’s one we haven’t heard from in a while: Perfect World International, the free-to-play MMORPG that has been trucking on for over 10 years now despite flying under a lot of radars. We bring this game back to your attention due to the recent Dawnlight update, which has made a variety of additions to the game.

This latest update has opened the Moon Watch Tower instance, which features distinct rules like balanced stats, disabled charms and HP regeneration, and a limit of only three revives for members in the same party in each boss fight. There’s also a new western continent available for players that offers up new story quests and a new cultivation boundary to reach for. On the subject of reaching new heights, all weapons now have a Grade 18 tier, and Blademasters and Wizards have received a visual refresh with new HD textures in character creation and new updates to skill graphics.

source: official site via Reddit
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