Albion Online buffs lethal hellgate loot, reduces market spam in today’s update


Albion Online has captured a lot of my attention this past month, and I’m not alone, judging by the swarms of newbies in the starter cities and chats. They’re all being treated to a patch today, though it’s not going to dramatically change anyone’s playstyle.

The most interesting part of the patch is the boost in “lethal” PvE hellgates that should make them a lore more lucrative. To make the PvE experience in higher-risk Lethal Hellgates more worthwhile, the overall value of chest loot in these Hellgates has been boosted,” Sandbox Interactive explains. The 2v2 loot is 10% better, 5v5 is 20% better, and 10v10 loot is 30% better. The team has also reduced the endless market spam – from the game, not from players.

“To reduce the number of Marketplace notifications and make them more meaningful, notifications are now only sent when a Buy or Sell Order is completely fulfilled or expires. These mails contain a summary of all relevant transactions in one easily-readable message, letting you check the status of orders on the go without excessive clicks.”

Finally, Sandbox has added unspecified “balance changes” to axes and maces, reduced how often the corrupted dungeon tutorial window pops up, and tweaked a few animations and terrain issues.

Do note that mobile users were having connection issues earlier today; that should all be sorted out by now.

Source: Patch notes
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