Mortal Online 2 previews updated AI behavior in a video, updates crafting in recent patch


If you’ve been underwhelmed by the enemies you’ve faced in Mortal Online 2’s PvE content, perhaps you’ll be heartened to know that the devs are working on improved AI that’s coming in update That work is showcased in a new video, offering what the description calls “some of the new tricks the AI now can use” along with a look at a troll enemy who whips some poor sod around like a dirty rug. The clip is also just 19 seconds, so glean what you will from that.

As for the game’s most recent patch, there are some new enemies added to the game such as cougars and direwolves; adjustments to the length of time logouts happen depending on where players are — five seconds in a safe zone, 30 seconds in the open world, and the inability to logout in a dungeon; and a variety of crafting updates like a new crafting system, overall improvements to the “worst” item players can craft, the end of crafting skill impacting how much material is used when crafting melee weapons, the removal of randomly created legendary items, and the ability for those with level 100 in all crafting skills to sign and name their items.


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i did not learn anything new from this teaser.
how is this a AI teaser in the first place? maybe i’m too stupid too see where to focus on?