World of Tanks Console’s newest Modern Armor season adopts a G.I. Joe theme


The main reason to watch G.I. Joe was to lust after the vehicular toys that were in action (if we’re all very honest with ourselves) and a little bit of that vehicle-based joy is coming back thanks to World of Tanks Console’s latest Modern Armor season, which is injecting a bit of the ’80s cartoon into the event.

The battle pass promises 100 levels of missions and challenges that revolve around the Joes and Cobra, offering up a variety of thematic emblems, Commanders, and skins on top of the usual boost items and currencies. At the top of the heap is the addition of Duke’s MOBAT tank and Cobra Commander’s HISS tank, the former of which is part of the pass’ premium track and the latter being instantly granted when a premium pass is purchased.

The season is now live for every PlayStation and Xbox game console and runs through August 23rd.

source: press release
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