Albion Online is ‘bringing open-world gameplay back’ in next content update


If you didn’t get enough Albion Online news from the recent AMA, then you’re going to want to point your eyeballs at Sandbox Interactive’s new roadmap update and video. SI’s Robin Henkys not only recaps the game’s absurdly successful mobile launch but talks up the game’s next content update.

“The next major content update for 2021 has the major overarching theme of bringing open-world gameplay back to Albion,” Sandbox says. That’s going to entail a graphics upgrade for some of the older biomes as well as some of the higher-tier hotspots, a rework of legion layouts to make them both easier to navigate and more strategic in PvP, the addition of dynamic spawns for treasure sites, a general pass on open-world mobs, and an improved world map that better shows resources and endgame mobs. The team is also adding elite levels to weapon specs, implementing personal challenge points and rewards so people not participating in guild seasons aren’t left out, and creating what it’s calling “power vortices” in the Outlands, a sort of capture-the-flag mechanic in the open world.

Meanwhile, Albion Online has kicked off its July premium challenge, this round with an undead theme. If you’ll excuse me, I have a whole bunch of spectral direboar grinding to go and do.

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