Champions Online gets patriotic while Star Trek Online gets a sale for the 4th of July

Red, white, and blue

The benefit of a game like Champions Online taking place in a setting roughly analogous to the real worlds is that unlike in Neverwinter, you don’t need to invent a new reason for the celebration. Of course, CO is also doing more than just having you celebrate; instead, the game is having players take place in a desperate fight against enemies in the Red Winter Alert to grab Patriot Tokens and unlock costume rewards until July 15th. It’s a fight against a potential resurrection of the Cold War, so it’s appropriately patriotic.

Meanwhile, Star Trek Online really can’t have you celebration one nation on Earth, so the game is compensating by just having a nice big sale until July 5th. You get 20% more microtransaction currency by buying some during the event, and you also get 25% off everything in the store, with a full 35% off legendary bundles. That’s a rather substantial tilt if you’re looking to buy up some ships along the way.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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