EverQuest and EverQuest II up experience, faction movement, and rare spawn rates for a week of summer


It’s definitely summertime! The sun is shining (oh gosh is it ever shining), birds are singing, and EverQuest II and EverQuest are going to give you a nice big does of bonus stuff from today until July 8th. What, that doesn’t strike you as particularly summer-like? Are you about to complain about a 76% bonus to things that you want? That’s right, we thought not. Upping experience by that much is something you’d probably take at any time of year with a smile on your face.

Aside from 76% increased experience, players will also get to enjoy a 76% increase in rare spawn rates and a similar 76% increase to faction standing, both positive and negative. (So you’ll lose 76% more standing if you lose any, if that weren’t altogether clear.) This is running for the next week until July 8th, so get in-game and start taking advantage of bigger numbers as soon as you’re able to do so.


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I want to be able to get back into EQ or EQ2.

But every time I try with EQ2, I’m bombarded by layers and layers of additional systems’ bloat and it just causes me to turn around and uninstall the game again.

I love Norrath more than any other mmo world – no, more than any published setting regardless of media, but… The systems just need to be reconsolidated and cleaned up some. Not to the degree WoW does; New expansion? EVERYTHING you loved or hated – out the window! Now here – take this new, but still reglati vely familiar progression system to start over with. Grind away buttercup!

And EQ1 is just…old.
When I feel the longing to return, I get logged in, breathe in that fresh digital Kithicor air and savor my profound spike of nostalgia.
But then after an evening of memory and fun, I remember – oh yeah, it was my long departed guildmates that made this extra fun, the newness and uniqueness of it all and the ability to generate 10-thousand times the amount spare time I have now vs. then.

I made a pallet in the office so I could get naps in and get up and check every few hours to see if Phinagel was up so I could call guildies in the middle of the night for epic weapon drops. For. Two. Weeks.
I slept for 1-2 hours increments in my office for..two weeks. O_o
Of course I also largely sustained myself on Surge soda, pizza and cigarettes back then.
I wonder where the separation between nostalgia and Stockholm Syndrome exists?? :p

I’m happy and envious for those who still play and enjoy it.
I am eager to return to Norrath in EverQuest !