PlanetSide 2 revamps NSO faction in what Daybreak calls its biggest update ever


Today is the day that the NSO faction of PlanetSide 2 gets its long-awaited revamping. PC players can now check out the _Integration update, which makes a whole slew of changes to the robotic mercenary faction that readers will recall were outlined back in June.

Specifically, the NSO faction is no longer paywalled and is available to free players of PS2, provided they are at BR20. Free players will join the lowest population faction when they drop in from Sanctuary as normal, while subscribers see their robo-friends get additional benefits like the option to choose a home faction and join an outfit in that faction.

The NSO is getting a new identity in terms of its kit as well, with new vehicles, infantry weapons, and new Directive Weapons available in all-new weapon directive trees. There are also adjustments to the NSO Defector unit, NSO Infantry units, and more. All of the details can be found in the patch notes.


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