Swords of Legends Online reveals post-launch roadmap and battle pass systems


If you missed Gameforge’s Swords of Legends Online stream last night, you missed some big announcements that are appeasing the game’s fledgling community, including a roadmap for the first few months after launch on July 9th.

According to the roadmap, Gameforge will follow up that launch with a summer event, the start of battle pass season 1, and new raids, including the Xuanjiu Jade Palace, Waves in a Tempest, and Horror of the Huaixiu. After that, players can expect the Ruins of Nuo and Ice World raids, the fall event and battlepass season 2, and hard difficulty Xuanjiu Jade Palace to rollout between September and the end of the year. “We’ll continue to update SOLO regularly to bring new content,” the studio’s slide promises. “Look forward to more events as well as hard modes for the raids. Towards the end of the year, look forward to new dungeons (visually, not only difficulties).”

As for the new classes, the devs note that the first new class didn’t roll out in China until a year and a half after launch. Gameforge is hoping to be much faster than that, but they don’t expect it within the first six months.

Finally, the battle passes themselves will come in two flavors, one freebie and one paid. Everything looks to be either purely cosmetic or available through other means, so at least for now, Gameforge appears to be meeting its no-pay-to-win goals.

Source: YouTube via Reddit

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I’m wondering if this game will pleasantly surprise me. With the mini-games video and this news, I think I’m on board to play and see how it goes.

The only glaring issue I had is translation issues. You can even see it in the road map with “4th QUARTAL” and “test your metal (mettle)”


Oh my, this is awful. Maybe their German translation is more high quality…


The no pay-to-win goals (so far) have been refreshing. There’s the lack of anything not cosmetic in the store – not even convenience items like inventory (you increase that the same way you do in WoW, bags that are bought or crafted, with your earliest awarded by quests).

There’s the battle pass with the free track that is the one that gives gear boxes as well as cosmetic items, alongside the paid track that is either a cosmetic item or points to spend on one of the tabs in the shop (on, of course, cosmetic items).

Then there’s the item that could have been lightly considered a form of pay to win – these fireworks that you could use on others to boost their “Heartstring” point total. Like most things in this game, it has a leaderboard, and the top person or persons weekly get a I believe cosmetic wings appearance.

You could buy them for 50 cents a piece… but due to the leaderboard element with a weekly reward (that afaik was just cosmetic), they said they felt that was too close to pay-to-win and removed those from the shop.

In a sea of “its not really pay to win but we are going to make this thing really annoying to deal with and then sell you the solution” the approach with this game is a welcome change.

On the battle pass itself, it looks to have a solid level of options to complete, though depending on how you play it could be a drawback. You can get up to 10 point per day progress toward completing it, with like 30 different daily activities giving 1-3 points. Run a dungeon? That’s 2 points. Play their card based game called Game of Eternity or do one of the mini games shown off in the recent trailer? Another couple points each.

So easy to max out your points per day…but to finish the whole thing you’ll need to do it approximately 3/4 of the days that it runs for. Great if you play a bit every day, not so great if you play less like only on the weekends, and I haven’t seen anything indicating you can skip levels.

They did also confirm that progress done is retroactive with respect to the paid track – you don’t need to pay for that one right away if you’re not sure you’ll progress much during the period in which it’s running. If you’re 270 points in for example and then buy the paid track, it unlocks everything up to 270 points in.

That all being said, I do have one possible concern with the battle pass but it depends on what we find out. They were asked during the stream if the paid track is an account wide thing or if it has to be unlocked on a per character basis…and they weren’t 100% sure and so said they would get back to us on that. Given that every visual item that wasn’t class specific I came across – both cash shop and in-game – unlocked in the appearance log across my account, though? I’m hedging my bets on it being an account wide unlock, since the rewards are either account wide points or account wide cosmetic items or titles.

And even if it isn’t, the items I’d get would unlock for the account anyway, I’d just be stuck doing all of the progress on a single character, which could be a bit of a bummer.


I pre ordered (Steam) to play the two beta’s, going to keep my preorder (my son is also interested in playing) hope this one works out. The movement system sold me, the combat is good, graphics are solid and the housing looks insane!
localization made leaps and bounds between the two betas so I hope it’s solid for launch.
Battle pass has me concerned since I lack time. gave up on CoD battle pass because of time.
Every game should do what Halo Infinite is doing and set no time limits on the battle pass, they would sell more of them to busy people like me who don’t buy because of the time restriction.