ARK: Survival Evolved celebrates the summer season with the return of the Summer Bash event


What do hula dances, an inflatable T-Rex costume, and a Spacedolphin have in common? They’re all rewards in the Summer Bash 2021 event that’s going on in ARK: Survival Evolved. Because who wouldn’t want to potentially offend a literal T-Rex by wearing a goofy inflatable costume version of one?

The event features not only a selection of new goodies like the aforementioned T-Rex outfit but also a new hula dance emote, three Hawaiian shirt styles, a nice floppy straw summer hat, and new chibi pets like the Spacedolphin, Dreadwyrm, and the Deal With It Dodo along with a number of returning items. The event additionally provides several boosted rates for taming, harvesting, and breeding depending on the type of server you play on.

The Summer Bash is on now and will last until Wednesday, July 14th. Plenty of time to get that most vaunted of outfits, the T-Rex costume.

source: press release
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