DC Universe Online makes for a legendary week with advancement boosts and a big sale

Wait for it.

This week in DC Universe Online is going to be downright legendary. It’s meant to be legendary because you can try every single Legends character for free, along with every single associated map. Not just that, but progression on the various Legendary feats is advanced by a factor of ten – 10x the increase on counters, 1000% experience on relevant feats. That’s a big darn boost, and it’s the sort of thing that’ll inspire you to take advantage of these free characters and even buy some for yourself.

Of course, the game is banking on you buying this stuff by also kicking off a pretty big sale which includes a 40% discount on Legends along with powers, movement styles, styles, and character advances. There’s also a smaller but still substantial 20% discount on respect tokens, artifacts, and replay badges. So if you’re a fan of the game you’ve got some progress to make and some good bang for your buck going on until July 7th.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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